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  • Liquor Store Album -- Out Now!

    The reviews are in, the party is just beginning! 

    Now it's time for you to hear what the hype is about... get our second long playing album Liquor Store, available now!  

    "Music for maniacs. Sterile Jet's blend of stoner groove and harsh noise re-introduces some much needed adventure into punk rock."  ~ J. Simpson, TheDrainage.net

    "As if finding a moment of clarity from deep within an alcoholic haze, the band channel their collective energies to distill some of the finest alt-rock of the twenty-first century." ~ Leks Maltby, Aside/Beside

    "This Long Beach, California-based trio plays loud, harsh, noisy underground rock music like the world will soon be coming to an end. And man oh man is that a refreshing change from so many up-and-coming artists who are playing it waaaaaaaaay too safe in the twenty-first century." ~ babysue.com

    "Although parts of it really test my patience, it's an oddly compelling listen from an eccentric band." ~ Dr. Abner Mality, WormwoodChronicles.net

  • Release the Liquor Store!

    By now, you may have heard our new single, ...To The Bars, and you may have heard that an entire new LP was on the way... well the day is almost here!  Next Tuesday, October 21, Sterile Jets second long playing album, Liqour Store, gets released to the world!

    We can't even tell you how excited we are for you to hear the album, which is why we want you to come out to the Bull Bar in Long Beach, to hear us play the album live!  Saturday, October 18 we take the stage with three of our favorite local bands, Spacebath, bWreck, and The Skabbs for a free night of live music.  We'll have Liquor Store CD's for sale, and the Bull Bar is offering select $3 shots all night, so what have you got to lose?  Well, except for your hearing?

    Also, in anticipation of the show and the release, be sure to tune into Screw Pop Culture on Radio KSCR this coming Thursday night (Oct 16) at 8pm.  Host Jowanna Lewis will be inteviewing the band and playing tracks from the new album!  The show will also be rebroadcast Friday Oct 17 at noon.

    Can't wait to see you soon!


  • ...To The Bars, our new single and video... out now!

    Today, we release the new single and video from our upcoming album, Liquor Store... available 10/21 from Yesca Rock.  We hope you enjoy!

    From UK Music Blog Backseat Mafia

    "Long Beach three piece Sterile Jets have given us the premiere of their new video for ‘…To The Bars’, the first single from their upcoming album Liquor Store, out on October 21st via Yesca Rock. The track is DIY punk pop at its finest (and most messy) opening with this drum loop before this murderous bassline comes in, all white noise and envy, while the guitar plays this angular riff over the top. Frontman B.ILL barks out his philosophy with venom and anger, that philosophy being that your woes are soon lessened by visits..to the bar, while underneath there’s this sort of frayed edge to everything caused by guitar effects and crashing cymbals that blur the edges of everything. It’s quite something. Pick it up on a free download, here"

    Full article 

  • August shows in Long Beach, Lakewood, LA, and Anaheim

    Hey everyone,

    August is here, and the Jets are getting primed to loud it out!  

    Flashback to April 2012... it was Bly's first show with Sterile Jets, at Regal Inn in Lakewood.  We played with some rad bands that night, and among them, was this really cool novo rock band who we formed an instant bond with... The American Daisycutters.  Flash forrward to this Saturday, August 9, where we take the stage again with our old friends, the Daisycutters, along with Chemical X, Traveling Hillbilly Corps, and Dollar Shooters.  


    Thursday, August 14, we go back to one of our favorite places to play in the OC, World Famous Doll Hut, and join one of our favorite OC bands, Popsical, for their August residency!  Joining us that night will be Chissum Worthington NationAsk Alice, and Barnes.


    Saturday, August 16 is a special night, as Sterile Jets celebrate Charles Bukowski's birtnday, with a night of Buk's poetry and bad ass music, featuring Travis Holloman & Johnny Dynomite, and post-genere bad-asses Spacebath!  Come out to the Bull Bar in Long Beach for all the fun!


    And finally, Saturday, August 23,  we are excited to be playing at The ODDitorium: A Group Art Exhibit & LIVE Music Experience the the M-bar in Los Angeles!  It's going to be an amazing night of odd, macabre, distrubing, creepy art, with matching music coming from us, as well as Ensign-RoRock 'N' Roll SuicidesNk-Riot and The Sex Jackets!


    Hope you're all having a rad summer, and we hope to see you soon!


    Bean, B.ILL, and Bly